Elevate Your Steak - The Perfect Pairing: Compound Butter & Dry Aged Beef

Elevate Your Steak - The Perfect Pairing: Compound Butter & Dry Aged Beef

May 26, 2024That Fat Cow

The Perfect Pairing: Compound Butter and Dry Aged Beef

In the world where food not only fuels our bodies but also feeds our souls, the pursuit of elevating a simple dish into a culinary masterpiece has become the holy grail for foodies, steak lovers, and home cooks alike. Among the myriad ways to enhance flavours, few methods are as simple yet profoundly impactful as introducing compound butter to a perfectly cooked piece of steak.

What Makes Compound Butter a Game-Changer?

Compound butter, or steak butter, is essentially butter that has been amalgamated with a variety of ingredients, such as herbs, spices, garlic, and even anchovies, to deliver a burst of flavour with each bite. When dolloped onto a hot steak, such as a beefy 28 Day Dry Aged Tomahawk, or our lovely 28 Day Dry Aged Porterhouse, it melts, mingling its rich flavours with the juicy, savouriness of the meat, transforming a great steak into an unforgettable meal.

Elevate Your Steak Experience

Whether you're working with a classic fillet, a hefty sirloin, or the prized dry-aged beef, the addition of compound butter offers a simple yet effective technique for elevating your steak's flavour profile without overshadowing the natural taste of the meat. Following are insights into making our sensational bone marrow compound butter our buying our Great Taste Award Winning Butters from Sublime and pairing it with steaks for that perfect bite.

Compound Butter Varieties

The beauty of compound butter lies in its versatility. Starting with a high-quality butter as your base, you can experiment with various additions like roasted garlic and thyme for a classic touch, blue cheese and walnut for a punchier flavour, or even a bit of heat with chipotle peppers and lime zest.

Best Steaks for the Butter Treatment

While compound butter adds a wonderful depth to nearly any steak cut, it shines particularly well on steaks with robust flavours like our 28 Day Dry-Aged beef range, or our Ex-Dairy range where its nuttiness and complexity can be further enhanced. Premium cuts like tomahawk, or bone-in ribeye offer generous marbling, or a delicate fillet which pair exquisitely with the richness of the butter.

Preparing the Ultimate Steak and Compound Butter Feast

  1. Choose Your Cut: Opt for high-quality steak varieties like our 28 Day Dry-Aged beef tomahawk, or 28 Day Dry Aged Porterhouse.
  2. Make Your Compound Butter: Soften butter to room temperature and mix in your chosen ingredients thoroughly. Roll it into a log using parchment paper and chill in the refrigerator until firm. Check out our bone marrow compound butter recipe here
  3. Cook Your Steak: Season your steak generously with salt and pepper. Cook it to your preferred doneness using your favourite method—grilling, pan-searing, or on the BBQ.
  4. Rest, Then Serve: Once cooked, allow your steak to rest for a few minutes. Slice the compound butter and place a piece on the hot steak, letting it melt sumptuously over the meat.
  5. Enjoy: Pair your succulent, butter-topped steak with your favorite sides for a meal that truly sings.

Introducing Our Great Taste Award Winning Compound Butters From Sublime (& Yes, one even has 3*)

Crafted at Brue Valley Farm in Somerset, England, the Clapp family has farmed this land since 1538. They use time-tested methods to create a unique, open textured butter with exceptional depth of flavour. Each batch is churned and hand salted, ensuring quality you taste in every single bite. Their dedication to their craft has deservedly led to a number of Great Taste Awards.

Sublime No. 5 - Garlic & Herb Butter

The 3 Star Great Taste Award Winner. This garlic and herb butter is a delightful dance on your tastebuds, sending happy signals straight to your brain. The marriage of mellow garlic and garden herbs elevates any dish, from meat and fish to vegetables. It's a simple truth, but sometimes the classics are the most satisfying. 

Sublime No. 17 - Chimichurri Butter

A 2 Star Great Taste Award Winner. "Chimichurri" might mean "a mix of things," but Sublime No. 17 elevates the concept to an art form. Oregano's bold herbiness dances with earthy coriander, while lemon and garlic add a bright, piquant counterpoint. 

Sublime No. 12 - Truffle, Parmesan & Black Pepper Butter

Another 2 Star Great Taste Award Winner. A Truffle-infused butter so rich and decadent, it's like a truffle pig's ultimate discovery. Elevate scrambled eggs (of course!), but don't stop there. Transform linguini, melt it over steak, or indulge in a cheese and shortcrust pastry masterpiece. Every dish becomes a culinary masterpiece, and prepare to be asked for your "secret recipe" 

Sublime No. 19 - Béarnaise Butter

Capturing the essence of béarnaise in a delightful butter, so you can adorn your steaks, chicken, or even langoustine with effortless elegance. No whisking, no stress, just pure flavour.

Sublime No. 1 - Pink Himalayan Salt Butter

This classic salted butter boasts a beautiful richness, a luxuriously creamy texture, and a vibrant pop of pink Himalayan salt. It's the perfect canvas to elevate any ingredient, a secret weapon coaxing out the fullest flavours. Deepen sauces into glossy masterpieces, or indulge freely: savour it in generous chunks, melting rivers across your dish.

 In Conclusion

The art of pairing compound butter with steak is more than just a cooking technique—it's a celebration of flavours, a nod to culinary creativity, and an homage to the simple joys of eating well. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a culinary novice, the fusion of butter's creamy decadence with the savoury depth of a well-cooked steak promises an indulgence that's sure to impress at any dining table.

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