Sublime No. 19 - Béarnaise Butter


Sublime No. 19: Béarnaise Bliss, Without the Whisk

Remember hollandaise? Chef Colette thought it needed a royal upgrade, adding tarragon and vinegar to create the classic Béarnaise. Delicious, but notoriously tricky to make at home.
Sublime No. 19 butter solves that problem. We've captured the essence of béarnaise in a delightful butter, so you can adorn your steaks, chicken, or even langoustine with effortless elegance. No whisking, no stress, just pure flavour.
Sublime butters are rooted in tradition. Made at Brue Valley Farm in Somerset, England, the Clapp family has farmed this land for generations since 1538. They use time-honoured methods to create a unique, open-textured butter bursting with depth of flavour. Each batch is churned and hand-salted, ensuring quality you taste in every decadent bite.