Our Beef & Lamb

We aim to deliver only the finest quality meats to our customers...

Japanese A5 Wagyu

The rarest and the best. Our A5 hails form the extreme southern island of Kyushu, in the prefecture of Kumamoto, Japan. The cattle freely graze around the base of the volcano Mt. Aso where the herd is limited to a population of 60,000 head making this one of the rarest wagyu available.
Kumamoto cattle have a meat quality and consistency superior to the other breeds in Japan. Slightly leaner yet intensely marbled and buttery, Kumamoto A5 delivers a finer balance to the palate.

2GR Full Blood Wagyu

Grazing in the vast 39,000 acres in Western Australia and under the guidance of the Rinehart family, the 2GR programme has produced the most incredible full blood wagyu to have come out of Australia. Using the traditional methods of the best Japanese wagyu farms, these animals are carefully cared for, bred and reared with the entire production process owned and operated within the family.

With limited production, the quality and integrity of this 100% Japanese DNA wagyu is strictly controlled. The result? Marbling and a melt in your mouth rich texture and taste which is akin to the wagyu from Japan.

Australian Wagyu

From cattle that came to Australia from Japan over two decades ago, this wagyu cattle can trace its lineage back to champion Wagyu bulls and cows. Three Japan born champion sires are the founding patriarchs of the herd – 001 Hirashige-Tayasu, 002 Itomoritaka and 003 Kitateruyasu-doi. Born wild and wandering the vast Western Australian expansive lands, the cattle feed on grass for the majority of their lives before being finished on a specialised grain blend, to achieve rich marbling throughout the cut. We have selected the BMS 6-7 range for the majority of cuts as we believe they offer the best flavour and texture for the price.

These farmers go to great lengths to produce some of the greatest Wagyu to come out of Australia. 

Chilean Wagyu

A truly outstanding Wagyu raised on the beautiful plains of Chile. The natural environment between the VIII and X regions of Southern Chile allows Wagyu cattle to grow in conditions very similar to those found in Japan. Bred from the trifecta of The Sires – Fukutsuru, Hirashigetayasu and Michifuku, this wagyu is 100% naturally fed over 400 days, is hormone and antibiotic free which results in a highly pleasing luxurious melt in your mouth buttery taste.


The USDA grades (Select, Choice and Prime) are quality grades used within the US beef industry. Beef is evaluated by highly skilled graders who check the characteristics of the meat to ensure the buyer can expect a certain standard when purchasing.

Our USDA offering comes from hand selected Black Angus Cattle and with the PRIME grade accounting for less than 2% of beef production, this grade is usually reserved for use in the best restaurants and hotels - you really are getting the best of the best! Consumers can expect beef that is produced from young, well fed, well exercised beef cattle which has a high level of marbling resulting in the best possible flavour.

UK Dry Aged

Combining traditional farming methods in our native UK and a 28 day+ dry ageing process, our Dry Aged Beef produces a flavour that is a quite delightful, deep beefy flavour.

All the cattle are traditional breeds to the UK, with the majority being Longhorn, Shorthorn, Dexter or Aberdeen Angus. With a pure grass fed diet, these cattle take longer to mature yet impart a creamy soft fat and a high level of marbling for grass fed cattle.

New Zealand TeMana Lamb

This 15-year-old lamb breed from New Zealand's South Islands produces clearly healthy, consistently superb meat that thrives in its habitat. Only the top 1% of the flock is bred, and they spend 220 days grazing on nutrient-dense alpine grass, followed by an unusual 35-day weight-loss program based on specifically grown chicory herb. What's the end result? We'd go so far as to call this the Wagyu of New Zealand Lamb because of the finer intramuscular marbling, high omega-three content, and noteworthy texture, softness, and flexibility.