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Australian Wagyu

Founded on champion Wagyu bulls and cows from Japan more than two decades ago and raised on the amazing Australian grass lands,  the farmers go to great lengths to produce some of the greatest Wagyu to come out of Australia. 

Chilean Wagyu

A truly outstanding Wagyu raised on the beautiful plains of Chile. Bred from the trifecta of The Sires – Fukutsuru, Hirashigetayasu and Michifuku. Melt in your mouth marbling.


What is PRIME? The USDA grades (Select, Choice and Prime) are quality grades used within the US beef industry. Beef is evaluated by highly skilled graders who check the characteristics of the meat to ensure the buyer can expect a certain standard when purchasing.

With the PRIME grade accounting for less than 2% of beef production, this grade is usually reserved for use in the best restaurants and hotels - you really are getting the best of the best! Consumers can expect beef that is produced from young, well fed, well exercised beef cattle which has a high level of marbling resulting in the best possible flavour.

Why does marbling matter? Because it adds flavour! Marbling refers to the intramuscular fat veins that run through the steak. As you cook your beef, this fat starts to melt which adds an amazing buttery taste to each mouthful.

  • Hand selected Black Angus cattle
  • Halal
  • High quality grain feed
  • Humane cattle treatment

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