About Us

What happens when a restaurateur, a premium Wagyu dealer and two foodies go in search of the best halal beef the world has to offer?

THAT FAT COW gets born.

We’re the definitive halal butchers, with nationwide delivery for steak-loving home cooks, as well as innovative small restaurants.

UK halal beef doesn’t have the best reputation - usually poor quality and with low levels of intramuscular marbling. THAT FAT COW is here to change that. This is where you’ll get incredible steaks from all over the world.

We dry-age our own grass-fed UK meat, and we get the best grain-finished steaks from the US, Chile, Australia and Japan. You’ll taste the quality in every mouthful.

We believe animals that have been treated gently and humanely produce the best meat. So we take great care to make sure ALL our meat is sourced from farms who prize humane animal treatment, have no antibiotics, no added hormones or growth promotants and are given 100% vegetarian diets.