All our meat is halal

All our meat is slaughtered in accordance with Islamic guidelines, and certified by the local and national bodies in their respective countries.

All our halal certificates can be found here:

As we only deal in halal meat, there is no issue of cross contamination within our facility.

Should you wish to delve deeper, the respective authorities and their websites are listed below:

  • For our USDA product, the authority is ‘Halal Transactions of Omaha’ (
  • In the case of Australian Wagyu, the authority is the ‘Australian Halal Development and Accreditation’ (www.
  • For our Chilean Wagyu, it’s ‘Centro de Certification - Halal de Chile’ (
  • Japanese Wagyu is certified by the MJPA ‘Muslim Professional Japan Association’ (
  • UK produce is from Durham & Teeside and they would be the governing council with respect to slaughterhouse audit.