Sublime No. 5 - Garlic & Herb Butter


Sublime No. 5: Classic Simplicity, Elevated Flavour

Forget introductions, Sublime No. 5 speaks for itself. This garlic and herb butter is a delightful dance on your tastebuds, sending happy signals straight to your brain.
Sublime No. 5 isn't fancy, but it's foundational. The marriage of mellow garlic and garden herbs elevates any dish, from meat and fish to vegetables. It's a simple truth, but sometimes the classics are the most satisfying. After all, it did win three stars at the 2020 Great Taste Awards.
This isn't just any butter. Sublime comes from Brue Valley Farm in Somerset, England. The Clapp family has been farming there since 1538, using generations-old methods to create a unique, open-textured butter with exceptional depth of flavor. They churn and hand-salt each batch, ensuring the quality you taste in every single bite.