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The Different Grades of Wagyu
Oct 27, 2021
Perhaps wagyu is the only type of meat that has its own grading system. The...
The Difference Between the Japanese Chilean and Australian BMS and Grades of Beef
Oct 25, 2021
Wagyu Japanese meat relates to a class of cow breed. It is exceptionally marbled and...
Halal Vs. Haram Meat: How to Spot Differences in Taste?
Oct 23, 2021
It’s surprising to note that the halal food and drink industry in the UK, is...
Best Way to Store Wagyu in the Fridge
Oct 20, 2021
Is it challenging to store wagyu beef? Learn the best ways to store Wagyu -...
Difference between Australian and Japanese Wagyu Beef
Sep 22, 2021
Wagyu beef refers to a class of cattle breed. It is highly marbled and also...
Halal Certificates
Aug 27, 2021
We endeavour to provide certificates for all our products especially those from abroad.