Halal Vs. Haram Meat: How to Spot Differences in Taste?

Halal Vs. Haram Meat: How to Spot Differences in Taste?

Oct 23, 2021Mo Qas

It’s surprising to note that the halal food and drink industry in the UK, is bigger than previously expected. Although halal meat is sought after due to its permissibility, one can argue that this meat also has certain health benefits. But how to spot halal meat, or differentiate between the two kinds of meat?

Also, is there any difference in taste between halal vs. haram meat? Rest assured, you can easily find and buy halal meat online, even in the UK!

Difference between Halal Meat and Regular Meat?

In a nutshell, halal meat sources are not only brought up but also slaughtered in a different manner than conventional or regular meat. Similar to kosher food, there’s specific religious criteria that ensures how cows, sheep and other permissible animals are fed and raised, as well as slaughtered and/or prepared for consumption.

As a rule, halal food doesn’t (and can never) contain pork or pork products (gelatin and shortenings. Use of alcohol in food preparation is also strictly not allowed. In short, how the animal is raised before slaughter is also taken into account, in order for the slaughtered meat to be truly halal.


The animals must be fed a vegetarian-based diets or grains,

The animals cannot be treated with antibiotics or growth hormones,

The animals must be slaughtered by a Muslim, who first says a blessing,

The animals must be slaughtered by hand, not by machine.

Once killed, all blood must be completely drained off since consuming fresh blood isn’t permissible. The certification for halal meat might be a bit strict, even when it comes to fish. Farm-raised fish isn’t considered halal, for instance. Only wild-caught fish is halal, as there is no chance of it being fed animal by-products.

Is there a difference in taste in taste between halal vs. haram meat? Besides tasting cleaner and less gamey (which is usually the issue with regular meat), there is no outstanding difference in taste. This is why it’s recommended to buy halal meat online; from a vendor you can trust.

Some health benefits of halal meat vs. haram meat are:

Animals are slaughtered in clean and sanitized spaces, meaning lesser bacteria growth.

Halal slaughtered animals produce less fear toxins.

Consuming halal meat improves metabolism and overall health.

A fundamental requirement of being a Muslim is to take the best possible care of their body, which is achieved by eating right. Consuming high quality meat is vital when it comes to supporting a healthy weight, improving the immune system, brain and metabolism.

Halal Meat DOES Taste Better According to Some

Besides health benefits of halal meat, many non-Muslims who have tried it, tend to thing halal meat taste better versus haram meat. Yes, it can also be argued that halal meat is drier when cooked because all blood is drained out but it shouldn’t be an issue if the meat is cooked properly.

According to a study, the quality of meat is lower, the more an animal is stressed during its lifetime or just before slaughter. On the other hand, the muscle glycogen is converted to lactic acid, if an animal is slaughtered in the halal way, which is why the meal becomes tender and flavorsome.

What happens when stress occurs, just before slaughter? In this case, glycogen will be decreased, leading to less production of lactic acid, which leads to tougher and less flavorful meat. In most cases, this also results in quicker meat spoilage.

Stress is very prone to arise in non-halal (or organic) settings since animals are frequently raised in close quarters, do not get enough outside time, and are mistreated. When it comes time for slaughter, they are transported in stressful conditions, crammed into large slaughter pens, and many say that various techniques of stunning, especially pre-slaughter stress, cause great suffering if done incorrectly (but all stress will cause lower meat quality and taste.)

Many people believe that meat produced from an animal allowed to grow at its normal rate tastes better. Additionally, sick animals cannot be slaughtered in the halal way, therefore animals are raised in clean and disease-free environments. This ensures ethical slaughter practices are followed, which lessens long-term stress in animals, as compared to modern farming techniques.

Halal meat vs. haram meat may be a strange and foreign concept to many, but it cannot be argued that halal meat consumption is vital for the above explained reasons. Personal opinion may differ, even the science behind this can be contested under a critical mind. However, what’s the harm in trying halal meat? Just make sure to find a trustworthy online vendor to buy halal meat, who follows UK halal standards and certification.

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