Quick Dinner Ideas Using Halal Frozen Food

Quick Dinner Ideas Using Halal Frozen Food

Oct 31, 2021Mo Qas

People are super busy nowadays. They don’t have time to really plan extensive and nutritious meals or even have the time to cook dinner, especially after a long and hard day at work. They mostly survive on fastfood and Chinese takeout throughout the week, which isn’t the best way to live, isn’t it?

One way to get out of this continuous cycle is to buy ingredients and food items that aren’t a hassle when it comes to cooking delicious food quickly. Halal frozen food can be found in most stores in the UK, so, you don’t have to worry about anything except the meal planning part!

The advantages of frozen meals are substantial, during all seasons when there will be greater emphasis on family gatherings and festivities. Would you rather make something from scratch while pressed for time or just make a ready-made halal frozen food that will be close in taste to the real deal?

Cooking with frozen food will also enable some to experiment and cook food in a different manner, which is a good way to hone your cooking skills. Covid-19 has enabled many households to rediscover the lost art of cooking as they spend more time at home during lockdowns but at the same time, people are finding ways to speed up the process more efficiently.

Yes, nothing is easier than eating fastfood but finding halal meat food in the UK is another difficult matter entirely. Not only is good halal food (from restaurants and cafes) heavy on the wallet but also might not be nutritious. So, for those people who want daily home-cooked meals or just a healthier alternative, cooking halal frozen food is the ideal solution. 

Following is a compilation of some quick dinner ideas that can be made using halal frozen food. Enjoy!

Chips with Buttered Chicken Chunks

What is most exciting about this meal idea is the usage of delicious carbs and juicy protein, all in one plate! Buttered chicken chunks and chips are easy to make and highly recommended to those who want to have a great dinner after a hectic routine. This dish is also the ultimate comfort food, made after a rough and tiring day or even just as a pick-me-up, paired with a chilled glass of soda. 

This dish is a perfect combination of the classic desi butter chicken recipe nudging with the simplicity of chips and chunks.  

Chicken Tikka Quesadillas

Make some tummy-warming chicken tikka quesadillas when you need to impress people with your cooking skills. It is a quick and simple dinnertime delight that can surely rejoice you and everyone who takes a bit of this delectable dish. Also, it has all the readily available halal ingredients with layers of tortillas blending with your favorite cheese, peppers, tomatoes, and hot chicken tikka. 

To make things more interesting, you can add some sauces and gently cook your quesadilla on medium heat to give it a crisp and delicious look. Try this recipe!

Chicken and Vegetable Samosa

If you're hunting for a quick and easy appetiser to go with your dinner meal, consider preparing a blend of fresh veggies, chicken, or lamb samosas. These are guaranteed to be a hit with your friends and family who might look to have something out of the ordinary to eat. 

It is prepared easily by just making some chicken and vegetable stuffed floor pouches and deep-frying them till it gets cooked properly. You can buy the frozen samosa sheets separately or a box of already prepared and ready-to-cook frozen samosas.  

Spicy and Sizzling Burgers

Everyone craves a burger, right? Although nothing beats a classic beef cheese burger, sometimes a spicy chicken burger with frozen sweet potato fries is all that the soul needs. Chicken burgers are fairly easy to make, with easy to get ingredients and halal chicken burger patties available in the market.

Even assembling is fun, with condiments and sauces, ensuring you can make the best meal out of what you already have. The best thing about this dinner meal idea is the versatility… you can opt to have chicken grilled or crispy burgers – whatever the stomach desires!

If you prefer beef instead of chicken, there are ready-made beef patties available that are 100% halal. The ‘No Bull, Just Beef’ burger patties from That Phat Cow are made from a select blend of wagyu cuts, boasting a buttery texture and oozing exquisite flavor once cooked.   

Chicken Pasta

Even a simple pasta dish has gained popularity as one of the most elegant cuisines around the world. So, what happened to make pasta so popular? It is because the simple yet delicious dish laden with carbs is affordable, adaptable, and handy.

Pasta can be made easily by experimenting more with homemade utilities. You can consider adding some cooked halal chicken to a spaghetti dish to give it additional flavor or even add frozen vegetables to a cream-based chicken pasta to give more color. In short, you can be as creative as you want! Try making pasta with some tomato and cheese to give it more depth and oomph.

Pasta can be used to make a variety of meals… and is filling. This is one food item that has a long shelf-life, so you can store uncooked pasta in the pantry until you're ready to make dinner. Try this yummy 30-minute chicken pasta with spinach that the whole family will enjoy, guaranteed.

Stir-Fry Chicken and Rice 

Frozen chicken strips can make chicken stir-fry a quick and fresh, yet tasty weeknight meal for the whole family. There are so many ways to make a good chicken stir-fry with fluffy rice – the smell of this dish will salivate your tastebuds and tantalize all senses with the addition of colorful vegetables! You can make the dish authentic by sprinking crushed or whole roasted peanuts.

Which of the above six quick and easy dinner ideas are you most excited to cook? It is a good idea to have halal frozen food in-stock and in the freezer, to make sure making the above recipes is really quick and easy. Keep visiting this page for more ideas on how to use halal and frozen food.

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