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What is a Sirloin Steak?

Mar 11, 2022That Fat Cow

What is a Sirloin Steak?

Also known as the NY strip steak, top loin or striploin, the sirloin cut comes from the short loin section of the cow behind the ribs but in front of the rump. It's also the source for your favourite T-Bone and Porterhouse cuts (more about those later).

What's the difference between Sirloin and Ribeye steak?

Not much. Whilst it’s slightly less buttery than a rib eye, it shares the main muscle as a ribeye and therefore has a very similar flavour profile. Sirloin cuts are tender, juicy, and rich—although slightly less rich than a ribeye due to the lower marbling fat content. They also have a high protein content. As a premium primal cut, it is often reserved for high end restaurants but it's less familiar to many and therefore tends to be slightly cheaper than the more popular rib eye steak.

If you have the option of buying a bone-in sirloin, take it. This tends to yield a more flavoursome steak. The sirloin cut is a versatile cut of beef that can be cooked in a variety of ways, all yielding in a fantastic rich and beefy flavour. Our UK Dry Aged Bone In Sirloin and USDA Prime Sirloin steak are ideal for cooking through the reverse sear method, in a hot pan, or on the grill. If you're looking for the ultimate luxury experience, look no further than our incredible fullblood 2GR sirloin which is beef royalty.

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