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What is Bavette Steak?

Mar 13, 2022That Fat Cow

What is Bavette Steak?

This is the French name for what is often referred to as the flank steak. The bavette cut is incredibly flavourful and is probably the most favoured cut here at That Fat Cow. It comes from the underbelly of the cow and is long, flat, and very loosely textured. The bavette cut has a rich and deeply beefy flavour, with tons of gorgeous marbling despite the fact that it comes from a very worked muscle area. It is quite rightly the top Butcher's cut - often taken home by the butcher for their own enjoyment and rarely seen on shelves for the customer!

Because this muscle area gets a lot of work throughout a cow’s lifetime, there are a lot of tough fibers running through the meat. However, marinades are often used to help to tenderise the meat to prevent it from being tough. For the wonderful value you get from this cut, it’s extremely affordable, making it a popular choice among our customers. For the price and quality, USDA Bavette is incredible, especially when purchasing the entire piece. For something a bit more special, with melt in your mouth quality, our Australian wagyu bavette accompanied with some chimichurri is hard to beat. To retain maximum flavour, this cut needs to be cooked hot and fast over a very high direct heat, either in a hot pan, plancha, or bbq grill and enjoyed medium rare. The bavette cut is super versatile, it can no doubt be enjoyed on its own like you would a rib eye or sirloin steak but where it truly excels is when its used as the beef ingredient from the likes of Fajitas, Pho to a Stir fry.

Want to learn how to cook bavette steak? Here's our recipe guide with cooking times.

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