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The Ribeye Cut - King of Steaks

Mar 11, 2022That Fat Cow

The Ribeye Cut - King of Steaks

The classic ribeye cut is known as one of the most desirable cuts of beef on the market. This cut comes from the top of the rib primal cut, between the sixth to twelfth ribs of the cattle and is a magnificent combination of tenderness, marbling, and rich beefy flavour. You may have also heard of the bone-in rib eye which is also known as côte de boeuf, or tomahawk steak, which is basically a rib eye cut with several inches of rib bone still attached. Leaving the bone attached results in even more amazing flavour and a unique primal appearance that looks like a steak a caveman would eat. 

Because this muscle does little work over the course of the cow’s lifetime, it stays incredibly tender and tends to be an area where a good amount of fat deposits. Don’t be afraid of the fat! This is what creates the fantastic marbling that lends the ribeye its buttery flavour and makes it a prized cut of beef. You’ll notice that the higher the marbling on a cut of steak, the higher the price. To figure out the level of marbling before you purchase a cut, be sure to check out the BMS beef marbling score. Our UK Dry Aged Ribeye and USDA Ribeye are perfect for cooking on a hot cast iron skillet, frying pan, over the bbq grill, or using the reverse sear method if it's an especially fat rib eye steak and is best enjoyed medium rare.

If you're looking for the ultimate in ribeye steaks for that special occasion, look no further than our majestic fullblood wagyu ribeye which delivers incredible levels of marbling for that rich buttery melt in your mouth texture.

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