Sublime No. 17 - Chimichurri Butter


Sublime No. 17: Chimichurri, A Symphony of Flavour

"Chimichurri" might mean "a mix of things," but Sublime No. 17 elevates the concept to an art form. Oregano's bold herbiness dances with earthy coriander, while lemon and garlic add a bright, piquant counterpoint. This vibrant green butter isn't just for steak (though it complements our amazing steak cuts perfectly). Spread, drizzle, or smear it over any savoury dish for an explosion of flavour.
Beyond the deliciousness lies heritage. Sublime butters are crafted at Brue Valley Farm in Somerset, England. Since 1538, the Clapp family has used traditional methods to create a unique, open-textured butter with exceptional depth of flavour. Each batch is churned and hand-salted, ensuring quality in every bite.