Sublime No. 1 - Pink Himalayan Salt Butter


Sublime No. 1: Pink Himalayan Salt Butter. Pure Indulgence, Crafted for Simplicity

Sublime No. 1 isn't shy. This classic salted butter boasts a beautiful richness, a luxuriously creamy texture, and a vibrant pop of pink Himalayan salt. It's the perfect canvas to elevate any ingredient, a secret weapon coaxing out the fullest flavours. Deepen sauces into glossy masterpieces, or indulge freely: savour it in generous chunks, melting rivers across your dish. Forget scraping by; Sublime No. 1 is meant to be enjoyed.
Beyond the indulgence lies heritage. Crafted at Brue Valley Farm in Somerset, England, the Clapp family has farmed this land since 1538. They use time-tested methods to create a unique, open-textured butter with exceptional depth of flavour. Each batch is churned and hand-salted, ensuring the quality you taste in every single bite