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British Lamb Barnsley Chop


Discover the exquisite flavour of the Barnsley chop, hailing from Yorkshire and renowned by Keens Steakhouse in New York. This culinary delight, akin to a double Porterhouse, features two succulent lamb sirloins and two tender lamb tenderloins connected by a single bone. The Barnsley chop boasts unparalleled taste and tenderness, rivalling even the finest prime steaks. If you're craving a departure from the traditional beef ribeye, consider savouring a British grass-fed lamb Barnsley chop. Elevate the experience with a side of mint sauce, peas, and lamb jus for a truly exceptional plate of food.

The Barnsley Chop is butchered in two ways, a single 300g steak, or a Steakhouse style double which is approximately 600g, both within 10% accuracy.