That Fat Cow

British Lamb French Trimmed Lamb Rack


Indulge in the epitome of culinary excellence with our exquisite halal frenched rack, sourced from the verdant pastures of Yorkshire. Skillfully butchered and dry-aged for 14 days, our lamb embodies succulence and rich flavor, perfect for any occasion, be it a special dinner or festive celebration.

Our free-range Yorkshire lamb comes from farms in the stunning Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire. Some graze on the rolling hills of the moors, while others enjoy lush pastures in the lowlands. We're fortunate to source from a region steeped in generations of sheep farming, where the farmers share our values of prioritising ethics and exceptional quality. These farms work in harmony with nature to produce the finest meat possible, using sustainable and regenerative practices.

Approx 850g (+/- 85g)