What is Wagyu Beef?

What is Wagyu Beef?

Jul 29, 2023That Fat Cow

In simple terms, Wagyu means "Japanese cow" and refers to a specific breeds of Japanese cattle with exceptional genetic qualities. It is renowned worldwide for its superior taste and tenderness compared to regular beef.

Wagyu, also known as "the luxurious beef," is exceptionally delicious due to its abundance of intramuscular fats, resulting in a tender and juicy eating experience fit for royalty. However, this exquisite quality makes Wagyu more expensive than ordinary beef.

Is Wagyu Beef Halal?

Regarding its halal status, Wagyu beef can be either halal or haram (permissible or forbidden). If the cattle are slaughtered according to Islamic principles, it is halal, and if it isn't, it's haram. Halal Wagyu can be purchased on That Fat Cow.

What is the Difference Between Japanese, Australian and Chilean Wagyu?

Japanese Wagyu is considered the pinnacle of Wagyu, being a pure breed. Australian Wagyu, on the other hand, is crossbred with slightly different flavour profiles influenced by factors such as the local grass and climate. There is also Full-Blood Wagyu which is genetically 100% Japanese cattle, but raised in other countries to make it more accessible globally. Our Full-Blood Wagyu is exceptional, and the same range used by a certain Turkish Celebrity Chef with a strange obsession with salt.

Why is Wagyu Expensive & What is the Hype Behind Wagyu Meat

The high cost of Wagyu beef is due to the incredible genetics and breeding which have taken centuries to perfect and the extraordinary care given to the cattle. They are fed very specific diets, some breeds for example will graze for short periods during the year but then fed very specific rich diets including rice straw and barley. The hype surrounding Wagyu is partly due to its exceptional flavour, which is richer and more distinctive compared to regular beef.

Finding halal Wagyu beef has traditionally been challenging, as supply often goes to the Middle East. However, some vendors, like "That Fat Cow," offer halal-certified Wagyu beef, including Chilean and Australian varieties, making it accessible to customers in the UK.

For those interested in experiencing the premium taste of Wagyu beef at home, "That Fat Cow" is a reliable source, delivering high-quality beef and steaks right to your door.

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