Things to Consider when Buying Halal Meat in The UK

Things to Consider when Buying Halal Meat in The UK

Aug 27, 2021That Fat Cow

Halal meat is the only type of meat that is permissible for Muslims to eat, according to the strict guidelines of Islam. Although in some places in the UK, halal meat is readily available, there are some areas in the UK in which halal meat is hard to find. This usually results in so called ‘Halal meat suppliers’ incorrectly labelling meat in order to profit. There are some important factors we can consider when buying halal beef, halal wagyu or any other kind of halal meat.

Try to Buy Halal Meat from Muslim Butchers

To buy halal meat in the UK, one of the first things you can do is try to source a Muslim butcher. If you live in an area where you haven’t come across a Muslim butcher, you can visit a nearby mosque and you should be able to find some information on where to find a halal butcher, or halal meat which is from a trustworthy source. Due to the fact that Muslims are bound for religious reasons and also aware of the benefits of halal meat, they make sure the animal has been reared accordingly till the point of slaughter.

Checklist when Buying Halal Meat

Check the Color and Texture of The Meat

When you are buying halal meat from a superstore or a local butcher, it is important to make sure you do the necessary checks to ensure you are getting good quality meat. Generally, meat should be a rich, vibrant and uniform colour. If the colour of the meat is dull, or even – It is usually a clear indicator that the meat is probably not fresh, which usually means it may not be good for your health or the safest to consume.

The Smell

A gamey smell usually is an indication of the meat going bad. It is generally best to avoid eating meat which has a gamey smell. As blood is always drained in the process of halal slaughter, a strange smell can only be an indication of the meat going bad, or not being slaughtered in the correct manner.

However sometimes, if meat has been vacuum packed, it can release a strong odour - This is usually not reflective of the quality of the meat. You can find out more about this by clicking [here]

Most Importantly, Check Halal Certification!

It has become quite easy to find halal meat in the UK. In fact, there are also many halal meat suppliers online now. Due to the popularity of halal meat, there are organizations which take lead in determining whether the process of the halal meat is up to standard and adhering to the Islamic guidelines. You can always ask your Halal meat supplier which organization they are approved by and then conduct relevant research on the organization. Here at ‘That Fat Cow’ we obtain our meat from Halal suppliers which have been approved by organisations to adhere to the Islamic guidelines of Halal meat.

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