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The Ultimate Wagyu Burger Recipe

Nov 04, 2021That Fat Cow

Our wagyu beef burgers are made from 100% British wagyu cattle. They come in an 80/20 meat to fat ratio and include a mix of rib cap, brisket and chuck and are pre-formed into 115g, 150g or 170g patties.


We like our burgers just slightly medium - cooked through to the centre but retaining a nice pink colour and super juicy. So follow this guide which has a total cooking time of 9 minutes. If you prefer it medium to medium well, cook it for an additional 1 minute.


  1. Toast your buns:
    • Brush your brioche buns with melted butter and toast them in a pan
    • Once toasted lay them out on your plates
  2. Cook your burgers:
      • Bring the pan up to a very high heat, add a couple of drops of oil.
      • Once the oil starts to smoke, reduce the heat by a notch or two. You're good to get cooking.
      • Set a timer for 9 minutes, remove the burger from the packaging and season one side liberally with sea salt and black pepper.
      • Pop the burger onto the pan, seasoned side face down. 
      • Now season the top, and let this sit for 5 minutes
      • Flip the burger, and add the gouda cheese
      • Get about 20ml of water, dash it into the pan to create steam, and cover the lid of your pan to melt the cheese. The burgers will be ready 4 minutes from this point.
    • Make your sauce:
      • In a small bowl, add your ketchup, mayo, dijon mustard, sriracha, and gherkin juice
      • Add in the truffle honey for an extra level of indulgence
      • Whisk this up, add salt and pepper to taste
      • Spread a tablespoon onto the top and bottom of your buns
    • Assemble:
      • Once your burgers are cooked, let them rest for 3-4 minutes
      • In this time, add your sliced onions to the bottom of the bun
      • Add your gherkins to the top of the bun
      • Carefully place your burgers onto the bottom bun
    • Eat!

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