Cooking Bavette Steak

Cooking Bavette Steak

Aug 27, 2021That Fat Cow
Unknown to many and highly rated by those in the know, the Bavette steak is wonderfully flavoursome, versatile and incredibly easy to cook - definitely a That Fat Cow favourite!

We've written our guide below on how to cook it simply but this recipe by Kenji at Serious Eats is amazing (even if its just for the marinade alone).

What Do I Need?
  • A pan - a heavy bottomed or cast iron pan is preferable. Or a BBQ.
  • Coarse salt - we prefer to use kosher salt.
  • The timer on your phone - timing is key.

If you have the steak frozen, please allow it to defrost slowly in the fridge overnight.

Step 1: Bring the steak up to room temperature and pat dry with a tissue to remove any surface moisture. Place the steak on a wire rack with a tray underneath ideally or something that will allow air to flow around the steak. Liberally coat the steak all over with kosher salt (about half a teaspoon in total is good for 2 steaks). If you only have table salt to hand, use about a quarter teaspoon. Put the steak in the fridge for a few hours (minimum 4) - we prefer to leave it overnight.

Step 2: Remove the steak from the fridge an hour before cooking to bring it up to room temperature. Again it's best to pat dry the steak with tissue to remove any surface moisture - this will ensure a nice dark crust.

Step 3: If you wish, crack a healthy amount of fresh black pepper over the steak or use a steak rub seasoning

Step 4: Bring the pan up to a very high heat, add a teaspoon of oil. Once the oil starts to smoke, reduce the heat by a notch. You're good to get cooking.

Step 5: Add the steak and cook over the high heat for 3 minutes. Flip and cook on the other side for an additional 3 minutes. If you have an instant read thermometer, now is the time to use it. We prefer to take the steak off at 130f (medium rare). For those that prefer it medium, keep the steak on for another minute.

Optional Step 6: When you flip the steak, you can add a knob of butter into the pan along with some garlic and rosemary if you wish. It's about to get smokey!

Final Step: Remove the steak from the pan and let it rest! It's tempting to dive straight in but it is paramount you let the steak rest for 6 - 8 minutes, either on a board or warm plate. This will ensure that the steak juices get re-absorbed leaving you with a delightfully tender steak to enjoy. Cut the steak against the grain.

Final Final Step (optional): Sprinkle some finishing salt (we like Maldon Sea Salt) and add a knob of compound butter on your Halal steak.

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