Sublime No. 12 - Truffle, Parmesan & Black Pepper Butter


Sublime No. 12: Elevate the Ordinary to Extraordinary

Forget plain scrambled eggs. Imagine them: perfectly soft, waiting for their final touch. A sprinkle of salt... but wait, there's a better option. Enter Sublime No. 12, the truffle-infused butter so rich and decadent, it's like a truffle pig's ultimate discovery.
This isn't just butter; it's a flavour revolution. Elevate scrambled eggs (of course!), but don't stop there. Transform linguini, melt it over steak, or indulge in a cheese and shortcrust pastry masterpiece. Every dish becomes a culinary masterpiece, and prepare to be asked for your "secret recipe" (we won't judge your pretend chef persona).
Sublime butters are rooted in tradition. Made at Brue Valley Farm in Somerset, England, the Clapp family has farmed this land for generations since 1538. They use time-honoured methods to create an open-textured butter bursting with depth of flavor. Each batch is churned and hand-salted, ensuring the quality you taste in every decadent bite.