That Fat Cow

Smash Burger Balls


Crave the juicy, crispy perfection of a smash burger but short on time? Introducing our Halal Smash Burger Balls! Made using our expertly blended and popular, 28-day dry-aged mince, these pre-formed 2oz (56g) balls are packed with flavour and ready to transform into delicious burgers in minutes.

Forget about measuring and shaping patties – just grab a Smash Burger Meatball, unleash your inner chef, and smash it down on your sizzling grill or pan. Our secret dry-aged blend guarantees the perfect meat-to-fat ratio for that all-important crispy crust and juicy center. These aren't your average meatballs – they're a burger lover's dream come true, offering a fun and flavourful twist on a classic weeknight meal.

12 x 56g balls.