That Fat Cow

Dry-Aged Fillet Steak


A step up from your high street Butcher, our steaks undergo a 28-day Dry-Aging process which we believe delivers the optimum level of depth of flavour and are skilfully prepared in-house by our dedicated Butchers. Each steak is meticulously cut from a rib sourced from our aging room the day prior to delivery, ensuring it arrives to you in impeccable condition.  Beefy, nutty and nicely marbled our grass-fed dry-aged beef is both for the connoisseur and for those seeking an introduction into the world of proper beef.

We exclusively select prime grass-fed cattle adhering to our ethical standards, guaranteeing that you receive one of the finest grass-fed Fillet steaks available online today. Our beef is sourced from Native Cattle, born and raised in the UK on trusted farms that share our ethos of sustainability and regenerative practices.

About the Fillet cut

A fillet cut of beef, often referred to as filet mignon in French cuisine, is a highly prized and tender steak cut from the tenderloin of the cow. The tenderloin is a long, cylindrical muscle located along the spine of the animal, running from the ribs to the pelvis.

The fillet is known for its exceptional tenderness and mild flavour compared to other cuts of beef. It is also relatively lean compared to cuts like ribeye or sirloin. Due to its tenderness, filet mignon is often considered one of the most luxurious and sought-after cuts of beef, making it a favourite in fine dining restaurants and special occasions.

Approx 200g (+/- 20g)