That Fat Cow

Dry-Aged Ex-Dairy Bone-In Sirloin Steak


Craving a steak unlike any other? Look no further than our Ex-Dairy Bone In Range. Marbled with rich, yellow fat, these beauties boast a flavour that stands alone. The unique texture - slightly firmer due to the cattle's age (over 5 years old) - combines with the fat for a truly knockout experience.

Here's the secret: unlike typical beef cattle slaughtered at a young age, ours live long, fulfilled lives producing milk before a well-deserved 12-month pasture retirement. We then expertly Dry Age the cuts for a further 28 Days. This extended rest allows the meat to develop exceptional flavour and texture.

These native cattle are born, bred and finished on natural pastures, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and top-quality meat. It's simply some of the best pasture-raised beef you'll find anywhere.

About the Bone In Sirloin Cut

A bone-in sirloin is a cut of beef that comes from the sirloin primal cut, located along the back of the cow. The sirloin runs from the short ribs to the rump of the animal. Leaving the bone in during cooking imparts extra flavor and helps retain moisture in the meat.

Bone-in sirloin steaks are generally less fatty than ribeye steaks, but the bone helps to compensate for this by distributing the fat throughout the meat. This cut can be cooked using a variety of methods, including grilling, pan-searing, and roasting.

Approx 1kg (+/-100g)