That Fat Cow

Free-Range Yorkshire Boneless Chicken Breast


Indulge in the epitome of chicken perfection with our delectable Chicken Breasts. We pride ourselves on leaving the skin intact, resulting in a tantalising blend of crispy outer layers and succulent fillets, including the prized tender undercut for a truly satisfying portion. Versatile and mouthwatering, our chicken is the ideal choice for any culinary creation.

What sets our chicken apart? We exclusively raise free-range birds, carefully selecting farms that prioritise natural maturation over ‘quick growth’ breeds. Our commitment to regenerative agriculture ensures that our practices promote environmental sustainability.

Every aspect of our chicken’s upbringing is designed to prioritise their well-being, allowing them to exhibit natural behaviours in stress-free, high-welfare environments. The result? A depth of flavour that elevates every bite, making our chicken incomparable to conventionally raised poultry.