That Fat Cow

Dry-Aged Brisket


Introducing our premium grass-fed, grain-finished UK Brisket, the perfect choice for discerning meat lovers who demand the best. Our brisket is sourced from free-range, pasture-raised cattle that have been carefully selected for their high-quality meat and healthy fat content. We take pride in offering you the best meat possible, so we offer our brisket in four different ways to suit your cooking needs.

If you're into barbecue, our brisket can be expertly trimmed to ensure optimal flavour and texture during the smoking process. For those who love salt-beef, we offer our brisket brined and ready to cook. We can also offer it brined and trimmed so you can make your own hassle-free pastrami. And if you're a purist, you can get it as a whole packer.

Approx 5kg (+/-500g)