Cooking That Fat Cow

That Fat Cow x Hellmann's - Ramadan Wagyu Burger Box Instructions 2022
Mar 27, 2022
Use our guide to learn how to prepare the contents of the Wagyu Burger box. From the juiciest flavoursome wagyu burgers, crunchy fires to hot gooey fondant cake.
How to cook Chilean Wagyu Steak (It's easy!)
Apr 05, 2021
"If i cook this wrong, it's an expensive mistake." We get it. We've had this thought.Funny thing is, it's a lot easier to cook Chilean Wagyu than you think. No need for a temp probe and no need for dry brining either - this cook is going to be just yourself, a pan, a timer and something to flip it with.
Got A Fatty? Here's How to Reverse Sear
Apr 05, 2021
You're right. A fat steak does taste better.You know what tastes even better? A fat steak that's been reverse seared. No need for a temp probe or a BBQ with this guide. This guide was written for our customers that asked us how to best cook a 1.5inch That Fat Cow steak in a kitchen and without any gadgets.
ribeye and sirloin usda prime steak
Apr 04, 2021
So a beautiful piece of That Fat Cow has turned up and you're wondering how to do it justice? We've got you. This guide is perfect for a 1inch thick Halal steak USDA Ribeye, Sirloin or the Dry Aged with no gadgets needed - just a hot pan! Read More