Chilean Wagyu Ribeye Steak BMS 6-7


Over Two Decades of Wagyu Excellence: Mollendo Wagyu Beef

Mollendo Wagyu Beef has been perfecting the art of raising Wagyu cattle for over 20 years. Their dedication shows – their beef is renowned worldwide for its unmatched flavour, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and incredible tenderness.

The secret lies not only in the natural environment and their top-notch Wagyu breeding program, but also in their unique 400-day grain finishing program. This program incorporates a special blend of chicory, maize, and high-moisture corn, specifically chosen to create that mouthwatering, buttery flavour that sets Mollendo Wagyu apart.

Just like all our partners, Mollendo prioritizes ethical sourcing. Their cattle are raised on a 100% natural diet, free from hormones and antibiotics. It's this commitment to quality and responsible practices that makes Mollendo Wagyu Beef a truly exceptional choice.

About the Ribeye cut
The most incredible cut of steak from any beef. This ribeye has unrivalled marbling running through the centre of the cut and beyond.

A ribeye cut of beef comes from the rib area of the cow, specifically from the rib primal section. It's known for its tenderness, rich marbling, and excellent flavour. The marbling refers to the intramuscular fat within the meat fibres, which helps keep the meat juicy and flavourful during cooking.

Ribeye steaks are typically well-marbled and have a large eye of meat in the centre, surrounded by a rim of fat. This fat renders during cooking, further enhancing the flavour and juiciness of the steak.

Ribeye steaks can be bone-in or boneless, with bone-in ribeyes often being referred to as "rib steak" or "bone-in ribeye."

Approx 300g (+/- 30g)