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Australian Wagyu Featherblade Steak BMS 6-7

Buy Halal Australian Wagyu Featherblade Steak BMS 6–7 from That Fat Cow For A Truly Indulgent Meal. Free Nationwide Delivery On Orders Over £45.

Getting it's name from the distinctive feather like tissue running throughout the steak, this is a true butchers cut that has to be sought out. It is commonly known as a 'flat iron' steak on restaurant menus (once it has been cut into 2 shapes down the middle). Tender, juicy and packing serious flavour - this is a steak that loves to be grilled low and slow on a BBQ or cooked hot and fast on a hot pan. Be wary, this is a steak best enjoyed medium rare or medium at most, otherwise it will be overcooked.

2x250g Expertly butchered steaks.

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