Australian Full-Blood Wagyu

2GR Australian Full-Blood Wagyu Denver Steak BMS 8-9


Grazing in the vast 39,000 acres in Western Australia and under the guidance of the Rinehart family, the 2GR programme has produced the most incredible full blood wagyu to have come out of Australia. Using the traditional methods of the best Japanese wagyu farms, these animals are carefully cared for, bred and reared with the entire production process owned and operated within the family.

With limited production, the quality and integrity of this 100% Japanese DNA wagyu is strictly controlled. The result? Marbling and a melt in your mouth rich texture and taste which is akin to the wagyu from Japan.

The Denver cut is still relatively unknown in the UK, but is quickly gaining popularity for its tender texture, nice marbling, and rich, beefy flavour. This cut comes from the underside of the shoulder region and is part of a larger cut called the beef chuck primal cut.

Whilst the majority of the muscles in the beef chuck are known to be fairly tough, the Denver steak is the exception. Because it’s located directly under the shoulder blade, it’s rarely used and is therefore one of the most tender muscles in the beef chuck. The Denver cut of beef is best cooked over quick and high heat, either on a hot pan, grill, or plancha.

This is a frozen product.

Approx 300g (+/- 30g)