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Dry-Aged Grass-Fed Bone in Sirloin Steak

Buy Halal Dry Aged Bone In Sirloin Steak from That Fat Cow For A Truly Indulgent Meal. Free Nationwide Delivery On Orders Over £45.

All the delights of a sirloin cut but with the bone left in for flavour and showmanship. Expertly dry-aged for at least 28-days which we believe delivers the optimum level of depth of flavour. Beefy, nutty and nicely marbled our grass-fed dry-aged beef is both for the connoisseur and for those seeking an introduction into the world of proper beef. Do not be fooled by the terms ‘matured’, ‘wet-aged’ or Beef dry-aged for less than 28-days – this is the real deal.

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