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Wagyu Fillet Tenderloin Filet Mignon

What Is Fillet Steak?

Also referred to as the beef tenderloin or sometimes filet mignon, fillet steak is a boneless cut that comes from the portion of the tenderloin closest to the ribs. Because this muscle is hardly worked in a cow’s lifetime, the cut is buttery soft.
bavette steak flank usda

What is Bavette Steak?

This is the French name for what is often referred to as the flank steak. The bavette cut is incredibly flavourful and is probably the most favoured cut here at That Fat Cow. It comes from the underbelly of the cow and is long, flat, and very loosely textured. The bavette cut has a rich and deeply beefy flavour, with tons of gorgeous marbling despite the fact that it comes from a very worked muscle area. 
sirloin steak

What is a Sirloin Steak?

Also known as the NY strip steak, top loin or striploin, the sirloin cut comes from the short loin section of the cow behind the ribs but in front of the rump. It's also the source for your favourite T-Bone and Porterhouse cuts (more about those later).

ribeye steak

The Ribeye Cut - King of Steaks

The classic ribeye cut is known as one of the most desirable cuts of beef on the market. This cut comes from the top of the rib primal cut, between the sixth to twelfth ribs of the cattle and is a magnificent combination of tenderness, marbling, and rich beefy flavour.

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